Universal Arm Support for IV That Are Widely Used In Hospitals

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Arm support for IV are a stable board generally made of soft synthetic material that are suitable enough to use on patients on administering medicine through channels in veins. They are of different shapes and sizes to suit the requirement.

Arm Support for IV is a great option for the patients who are been under injections and medicines administered through veins. Generally in these cases patients tent to feel discomfort and restless, as a revolutionary product this under arm supports plays a vital role providing a relief by securing the hand and wrist from sudden jerk or movement.brbrThese arm supporting boards are made of foam which is extremely soft which does not cause any irritation on skin. There are different types of arm boards available in market which is designed according to the requirement of the patient. Among the types of arm bands, there are special varieties made for infants. These are extremely light weighted and come with elasticated bands for easy grip.brbr Then there are Disposable arm boards which are comparatively cheaper and mainly used for patients in Clinique or for short time use. Whereas the re-usable arm boards can be cleaned with disinfectants to reuse in hospitals for different patients and for longer time period. Due to the usage of Poly foam, and no natural rubber contained makes it extremely light weighed arm boards which are the most popular ones in the market.brbrArm Support for IV are also found in universal size which is long enough to support the arm of an adult .These U.S.A based products are made with world class material which are exported worldwide for medical use. These arm supports are available online as well and can be purchased in discounted rates when ordered I bulk. Doctors recommend using these boards as because it helps the hands to rest and secured under the adjustable straps.brbrThis bendable or flexible arm boards are made in a manner that patients can easily use it of their own even without any ones help. Some of the varieties are made flexible enough to bend the wrist even with the straps on. The all in one arm supports are one of its kinds with its efficiency. These are made to compatible with the MRI, radiolucent surroundings. It will not absorb heat even if the surrounding is hot. Many arm boards comes with clamp lock which is used on the surgical tables for security and stability.brbrThe arm support systems are widely used in ICU, patient care Units, operating room, and recovery room as well. These are generally thick in between two inch and three inch but extra cushion can be ordered as per requirement and added beneath. This can be bought with and without its pressure management system; its versatile positioning capabilities help the doctors to secure more than one Chanel with ease. The all in all ready to be used boards do not require extra bandage or tape thus it eliminates the extra cost and does the job smoothly. The different sizes found are neo natal, infant, pediatric and the adult wrist and arms.brthis sitebr